Mehdi Nikkhah, a biomedical engineer at Arizona State University (ASU), has been recognized as a pioneer in organ-on-a-chip technologies. He was recently inducted as a fellow into the American Institute for Medical and Biomedical Engineering (AIMBE) for his significant contributions to biomimetic tissue-on-chip technologies and organoids for disease modeling and regenerative medicine. Nikkhah’s research has propelled tissue-on-a-chip technology into transformative screening tools, offering insights into cancer and various diseases. His lab has developed tumor-on-chip technologies for brain cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and disease-on-a-chip models for cardiovascular diseases. Nikkhah emphasizes the potential of organ-on-a-chip technology to revolutionize drug testing and disease modeling, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient therapies for patients.

Keywords: organoids, organ-on-chip, regenerative medicine, disease modeling, oncology