FinalSpark, a Swiss biocomputing startup, has introduced an innovative online platform that allows global researchers to remotely conduct experiments on biological neurons in vitro. This platform offers 24/7 access to 16 human brain organoids with the aim of creating the world’s first living processor. These bioprocessors, made of living neurons, can learn and process information while using significantly less power than traditional digital processors, thus potentially reducing environmental impacts. Currently, over 36 universities have shown interest, and nine institutions have been granted free access for research purposes. FinalSpark is committed to scaling up to meet growing demand, emphasizing the necessity of international collaboration to achieve their ambitious goal. Co-founders Dr. Fred Jordan and Dr. Martin Kutter highlight the convergence of AI, biology, and stem cell technologies as key drivers in this groundbreaking field of synthetic biology and wetware computing.

Keywords: Biological neurons, brain organoids, AI