Collaboration Contest for

Scientist x Artist

We are excited to announce a unique contest that fosters innovation through the collaboration of Scientists and Artists.
This contest aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical design, showcasing interdisciplinary projects that address real-world problems.

BioArt Contest


Encouraging the Creation of Innovative Value through Collaboration between Scientists and Artists


Organizer: Lambda Biologics



Open to teams consisting of at least one scientists and artists
Eligible for students, professionals, and independent scientists and artists


Contest Schedule (Q3)

Period of submission of scientists: June 1 ~ July 30, 2024
Design creation and submission period: August 1, 2024 ~ August 31, 2024
Voting starts: September 1, 2024
The deadline for voting: September 25, 2024
Announcement of Winners: September 26, 2024
Award Ceremony: September 27, 2024


Submission Method

Online Submission: Link to submission website
Submission Format
Scientists: Picture files over 2000 pixels / Name and description of the file (Around 200 characters)
Artists: Select a file to design among picture files / Design file name and description text (Around 200 characters)
File Format: JPEG, PNG, or video files for prototypes (MP4)


Judging Criteria

Homepage Voting (Launching the artwork website on July 21st)


Awards (Each Scientist & Artist)

1st: iPad
2nd: Apple Watch SE
3rd: AirPods (3rd Gen)


Promotion and Marketing

Online Promotion: Social media, website, email newsletters
Offline Promotion: Posters, flyers, banners
Media Promotion: Newspapers, magazines, broadcasting stations


Contact Information


Apple Watch SE

AirPods (3rd Gen)

Send image or video to