AACR 2024

Meet us at San Diego, California!

Lambda Biologics’ vision is the creation of a global hub that strengthens collaboration between drug development companies and non-clinical testing firms. Our vision encapsulates a world where collaboration flourishes between drug development entities and non-clinical testing firms, facilitated by our methods for drug evaluation and development thereby contributing significantly to ethical and scientific progress in the field.


April 7-10, 2024

April 7   1PM – 5PM

April 8,9   9AM – 5PM

April 10   9AM – 1PM

Meet us at AACR 2024 and be part of the movement to transform cancer research and treatment. Together, let’s make strides towards a future where cancer is no longer a threat to humanity.


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Hall D Booth #4018

San Diego Convention Center

111 W Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

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