Pancreatic cancer organoid

Pancreatic cancer organoids are a sophisticated model system that faithfully reproduces the complexity of
patient tumors.
Retaining tumor heterogeneity, genetic features, and tissue architecture, they provide valuable insights into drug responses, personalized disease modeling, and disease progression.
These organoids play a crucial role in identifying biomarkers, conducting high-throughput drug screening, and incorporating the tumor microenvironment for a comprehensive understanding of pancreatic cancer biology.
Overall, they stand as a potent tool in advancing research and developing personalized treatment strategies
for pancreatic cancer.

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Pancreatic cancer organoid

Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) play a crucial role in the microenvironment of cancer.
These cells are present within and/or around cancer lesions, and in cancer types where CAFs are concentrated, there is often a low response to anticancer drugs.
Additionally, the maintenance of a CAF-centric cancer microenvironment can lead to a higher likelihood of recurrence, even if there is a tumor destruction effect.
We have established a method for isolating CAFs, defined co-culture conditions for CAFs and organoids (including cell ratios and culture medium composition), and validated the ability to evaluate drug responses to immunotherapeutic agents.



Pancreatic cancer organoid

Our pancreatic cancer organoids accurately replicate patient tumors by expressing key markers CDX2, β-catenin, and CK20, underscoring their fidelity for cancer research and personalized treatment development.
This molecular mimicry enables a profound understanding of pancreatic cancer’s pathology and offers a promising avenue for therapeutic innovations.

Genetic mutation

Unlock the essence of precision in cancer treatment with our PC organoids, mirroring the  genetic markers of pancreatic cancer. 
Experience the future of testing you drugs, serving as an invaluable tool in capturing the patient-specific characteristics, thereby providing a more accurate platform for studying tumor biology and testing  Dive into a new era of oncology, where your individuality guides our innovation.

Mutation PPI Network
Drug Response

Embrace personalized medicine with our cutting-edge platform: Test your drug’s effectiveness against conventional treatments under optimal conditions and discover tailored therapeutic responses.
Transform the standard with us—where your medication’s potential is as unique as you are.

Patient-specific drug reactivity

Each patient displays individual variations in drug response patterns, making it possible to explore the optimal medication for each patient.
Explore patient-specific drug reactivity using our state-of-the-art platform.
Assess your medication’s efficacy compared to standard treatments in optimal conditions and uncover customized therapeutic responses.