iPSC Generation

Lambda Biologics offers streamlined drug discovery utilizing iPSCs for more accurate and relevant cellular models, ensuring accelerated drug development.
Our services prioritize consistent quality control in iPSC manufacturing, guaranteeing reproducibility.
Experience an all-in-one service from iPSC manufacturing to disease modeling through gene editing.

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iPSC generation

iPSC generation services

Lambda’s at the forefront of stem cell research, specializing in induced pluripotent stem cells(iPSC) and iPSC-derived cells.
Our extensive expertise, combined with a wide range of assay offerings, positions us as the premier resource for cellular and functional assays utilizing iPSCs.

Eye Irritation test – HET-CAM assay

The degree of eye irritation to the cornea, iris, and conjunctiva isdetermined by observing bleeding, melting, and coagulation when the test substance is applied, inducing irritation to the blood vessels distributed in the chorioallantoic membrane of the fertilized.

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Comprehensive QC


RT-qPCR for
undifferentiated marker

ICC staining for
undifferentiated marker

Three germ layers
diffentiation assay

Service Offerings

iPSC Differentiation

Our iPSC differentiation service offers a comprehensive solution for researchers seeking to explore a diverserange of cell types derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). iPSCs hold tremendous potential in disease modeling and regenerative medicine due to their ability to differentiate into various cell types.
At Lambda, we provide expert guidance and support to facilitate the differentiation of iPSCs into specific cell lineages tailored to your research objectives.

Disease Modeling

Utilizing our iPSC technology, we create disease-specific cell models that faithfully mimic human disease conditions.
This enables us to deepen our understanding of disease pathophysiology and expedite the development of potential therapeutic solutions.
At Lambda, we assist in confirming disease-specific phenotypes immediately following differentiation, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Drug Discovery

Lambda assists in your drug discovery endeavors by providing a wide range of services, spanning from initial discovery and
high-throughput screening to toxicity testing using iPSC-derived cells.