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Meet, Lambda. 
The World’s First Global Animal-Free Solutions Hub

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World's first animal-free solutions hub

Lambda Biologics GmbH is the world’s first animal-free solutions hub based in the biotech cluster of Leipzig, Germany.
Our mission is to provide animal-free solutions in pre-clinical research areas in the most affordable and the quickest way possible, on a global scale that the world has never seen before.
By partnering with the world’s most innovative biotech companies around the world, we believe it’s now time to embrace innovation and make ethical choices.

Join the movement now.

The human connection.
Animal-Free Solutions for our planet.

Delve into the intricate connection between Lambda’s animal-free solutions and the well-being of humans, animals, and the planet. Discover our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, laying the foundation for a compassionate and sustainable future.

Innovation beyond boundaries.

Explore how Lambda’s utilization of state-or-the-art technology extends beyond traditional boundaries, achieving unique impacts and advancements in pre-clinical research. Witness the innovative solutions that define our commitment to ethical, efficient, and groundbreaking research.

A future of harmonious scientific progress with all life.


André Gerth


CEO of Lambda Biologics GmbH

Andre Gerth serves as the founder and CEO of Lambda Biologics. Dr. Gerth has over 30+ years of combined industry experience and was the former chairman of Vita34, Europe’s first cord blood bank and the world’s third largest. Dr. Gerth’s most notable accolades include the successful close of over 10+ merger and acquiosition deals throughout the biotech industry.

Service Areas

We now offer Lambda Biologics AF Solutions in




Our service is actively preparing for expansion.

In July 2024, we are planning to expand to the entire EU region, all of North America, and all of East Asia.

My Lab platform

We are excited to announce our upcoming “MyLab” platform. MyLab allows companions to be in complete control of their experiments by monitoring the status of each experiment, accessing live data, and following each individual step throughout the testing process.


Upon receiving your inquiry, our dedicated research team will analyze and design an experiment that best matches your needs. From there, we will provide you with a competitive quote for our services.


Our highly skilled team of scientists will then begin testing and provide you with all of the interim and final data analysis, ensuring your experiments are done in a timely, yet efficient manner. We take great pride in ensuring that we exceed all expectations and leave our clients with a feeling of high satisfaction.

As part of our early promotion, we are offering one year premium membership for free for those who sign up before the official launch of ‘MyLab’.