Skin & Hair folicle organoid

Skin&Hair folicle organoid is a novel in vitro skin model that can recapitulates human skin structure that consist of epidermis; dermis; including hair follicles.
Due to the similarity in term of the complex skin structures with human skin, skin organoids could be used for drug-screening including anti-hair loss or hair growth efficacy

Skin & Hair folicle


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Lambda’s hair follicle organoid, characterized by high reliability, can be utilized for drug development.

Cell Type

· iPSC


· Hair growth efficacy assay (3D)
· Anti-Alopecia efficacy assay (3D)



In accordance with the legislation prohibiting animal testing for cosmetics,
Lambda Biologics offers a high-fidelity skin model through its unique Skin & Hair Follicle Organoid.
Overcoming the limitations of artificial skin models with low skin mimicry and the absence of pores and hair, this organoid ensures a precise human representation for the primary assessment of skin efficacy.

Histology data

Epidermis(KRT17), Hair stem cell marker(SOX2) expression in skin organoid

We have successfully developed a technology to differentiate skin organoids from pluripotent stem cells, enabling long-term cultivation to obtain mature skin organoids.
The differentiation conditions have been optimized to minimize variability in organoid formation rates across individuals.

IHC & IF data

Confirmation of the structure of the skin and the expression of appendages such as hair follicles through H&E and IF staining.

Possessing structural characteristics resembling the actual human skin, this skin model is organized into the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat layer, replicating the distinct layers observed in the skin structure of an actual individual.